About Becky

How did Becky start writing The Wonky Witch?
Then what happened??

Becky Titelman began her publishing journey in 2004 by writing one small paragraph in a notebook. That little tidbit about a young witch in magic school sparked an entire series that soon would take Harford County, Maryland by storm! By October 2005, The Wonky Witch was released, and Becky began spreading the word about her self-published novel, both to schools and teachers that she had connections with. And pretty soon, The Wonky Witch was being read by youngsters all over the community.

What are some of Becky's favorite things?

 - Grande Smores Frappuccino

 - Mac and Cheese (her homemade in the oven)

 - Her first copy of The Wonky Witch

 - Reading, Working on her website

 - Writing!

 - Teaching Dance and Music Theatre classes

 - Just having fun being around kids!

While promoting her first book as much as possible, Becky was finishing up writing the second in the series, The Wonky Witch and the Wizard-napping, which was released just that next year in 2006. Working with an illustrator for the first time on the second book was an amazing project for Becky. It was harder than she thought, considering both she and her illustrator had different views on what the characters should look like. Traveling back and forth from New York City to Maryland often, Becky released her second book during an exciting signing event at a local Barnes and Noble to huge success! The line to have Becky sign the book wrapped all the way around the children's section of the store and went out the front door! The third Wonky Witch book, The Wonky WItch and the Witching Well, was released in 2009. After that, Becky released her holiday collection between 2012 and 2014, which included The Stable Elf (2012), A Boy and His Snowman (2013), A Hippopotamus for Christmas (2014). On October 24th, 2015, Becky released the fourth book in The Wonky Witch series, The Wonky WItch and the Weird Warlock. In 2016, Becky published Partridge and a Pear Tree, and in 2019, Becky released her newest novel, It's a Dog's Life.














What does the Wonky Witch Fan Club do, and how do I become a member?

Being a role model for her readers is very important to Becky. With her Wonky Fan Club, Becky began holding meetings where the kids would share their writing, exchange ideas, and even make Wonky jewelry or complete creative writing projects, as well as get e-mails with sneak peeks on her upcoming projects. To become a member of the Fan Club, simply e-mail Becky at becky@skylightcreativeideas.com and let her know you want to join!

What is Becky up to now?

Becky moved back to Maryland in 2009, and she is living in the Bel Air area with her dog, Lumos. Becky is currently visiting schools, booking events, and writing a lot! She is super excited to see where her books are headed in the future, and Becky welcomes you to explore her websites for more information! 

All characters and portions of text are owned by Becky Titelman. None may be reproduced unless the author has given permission. 

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