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Logan St. Cloud is just starting fifth grade and it is pretty obvious that life isn’t going his way. Being the new target for the school bully, failing math class, and struggling to keep it all together and hidden from his parents are just a few of the things Logan is facing. But when he comes home from the day-to-day torture people call school, he can push open the back door and run through the backyard with his best friend, a Yellow Labrador named Bailey.


Bailey doesn’t judge him, pick on him, or ridicule him. Instead, Bailey licks Logan’s face, scoops up his favorite stick, and wags his tail as the two best friends begin their afternoon routine. Logan doesn’t know what he would do without Bailey. But he never actually thought he would find himself in Bailey’s shoes…well, paws actually. Is Bailey’s life as wonderful as Logan thinks it is? No school, no bullies, and not a care in the world? Logan is about to be smacked with a reality check, and it won’t be pretty.

Come along on this exciting adventure as a boy and his dog try to make the best of a magical situation, learn about each other, and realize that, with a little determination, love, and compassion, life can be everything you want it to be!

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