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It's only been a few weeks since Maude Sinks and her best friend, Adair Tiptoe, have returned home from their first year at Abracadabra Academy, a school of magic. Already there are evil powers lurking around their neighborhood. The two friends are on edge the whole summer, after coming face-to-face with past enemies. When their second year of school begins, Maude and Adair have challenges ahead. There is a new Black Magic class, Wizard Wallop is becoming an official Abracadabra game, and they are struggling to gain their Flying Certificates. Balancing studying and fighting evil isn't easy, and after discovering that the wicked Wonky Wizard Society is planning to capture someone, the two second-years are plunged into a battle filled with a nasty potion, messages in the sky, a cat that isn't quite what he seems, and an old and dangerous wand. Will Maude and Adair figure out who the society plans to kidnap before it's too late? Or will the Wonky Wizard Society pull off their latest scheme to gain more power?


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A wonderful summer lies before Maude Sinks and her two best friends, Adair Tiptoe and Ben Evolence, and they plan to take full advantage of it before entering their third year of magic school at Abracadabra Academy. With no sightings of evil wizards lurking about, the three friends enjoy their blissful afternoons together. But when they discover an odd card in Ben's Wuzzy Card collection, they become curious to find out more about the famous witch doctor, Portia Pyrate. The next year of school begins in a flurry of excitment. There are Wizard Wallop team tryouts, Adair's sister, Killan, joins the first-year students, and the three friends are still trying to find out more in the school library about the odd-nosed Portia. When creepy things begin to happen around the school, Maude is convinced that she and her friends need to get to the bottom of the puzzle, and fast. Maude and her friends dive into their biggest adventure yet, with ancient Pirazard ships, a weird Wallop team member, scary voices in the corridors, and an old well in the evil gardens on Abracadabra's grounds. Will Maude, Adair, and Ben discover why these spooky events are happening, or will the two-hundred-year-old witch doctor get her revenge?


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With their fourth year of studying magic at Abracadabra Academy underway, Maude and Adair can't help but be nervous about starting their advanced classes. And not only that, they are about to embark on one of their greatest journeys yet... to teach their game of Wizard Wallop at another school, Sontom's School of Sorcery. 

They soon realize that this won't be just a fun vacation. The two friends sail across the Serpent Sea on a magnificent ship, experience odd foods from other lands, meet new friends, lead the Wallop tryouts, and study hard, all while trying to find out the meaning of a mysterious mark that has appeared on their skin. When they seem to have no answers to their own problems, Maude and Adair then discover something sinister is going on at Sontom's. 

Will they be brave enough to get to the bottom of the mysteries and fight the evil that is threatening their new friends? Or will they be sucked up in the magic themselves?

BOOK FIVE COMING October 30th, 2020!