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A new chapter...

I am super excited for The Wonky Witch and the Wandering Waif to be released on October 30th. I have been working on it very hard during this quarantine time. And, I have to say, this pandemic has completely changed who I am, which is weird to say.

I have always had two and writing. But because theater is basically non-existent right now, I have decided to concentrate on my writing. It is something I have always wanted to do. I have always wanted to study writing more in depth, work with others on their writing and mine as well, and to get feedback and create relationships with authors and publishers.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be going back to school this fall to get my MFA in Creative Writing from Drexel University. The mascot is a dragon! Perfect for a children's fantasy writer, right? I can't wait to get started! I will be finished writing Book 5 very soon, and then I am going back to school! I already got my school supplies, which was so much fun! I had missed shopping for notebooks and pens! Happy fall!

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